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ISRAEL: Pioneer of global peace studies hints at link between Norway massacre and Mossad

In several anti-Semitic remarks, Norwegian sociologist Johan Galtung also defends 'The Protocols of the Elders of Zion' and says Jewish influence was one of the factors leading to Auschwitz.


Johan Galtung, Norwegian sociologist nicknamed the “father of peace studies,” made anti-Semitic and anti-Israeli remarks while lecturing at the University of Oslo, in an article published afterward in the Norwegian press and in an interview with Haaretz that followed.

Among other statements, Galtung claimed that a possible connection exists between the terrorist responsible for the massacre of children in Norway last summer, and the Mossad. “The Jews control U.S.media, and divert for the sake of Israel," wrote Galtung in an article published in Norway.

He pointed out that one of the factors behind the anti-Semitic sentiment that led to Auschwitz was the fact that Jews held influential positions in German society.
Galtung also recommended reading “The Protocols of the Elders of Zion,” – one of the most popular anti-Semitic texts in the world.

Professor Galtung, 82-years-old, is one of the founders of the discipline called “Peace Studies and Conflict Resolution,” as well as a founder of the international Peace Research Institute in Oslo. He is considered well-respected sociological researcher, has been awarded many prizes, and is the author of over a thousand articles and over a hundred books. Some of his work has also been translated into Hebrew.

Galtung’s repeated anti-Semitic remarks were exposed by the website of the Norwegian periodical, “Humanist.” (http://humanist.no) Some of the comments were made during a lecture at the University of Oslo last summer, and others were written by Galtung in response to an article critical of him that was published in the periodical.

Among other claims, Galtung stated that there is a possible link between Anders Behring Breivik, responsible for massacring dozens of children in Norway last summer, and Jewish and Israeli factions. The connection is supposedly based on the fact that the murderer has ties to the “Freemasons” organization,which has Jewish origins,” according to Galtung. The supposed connection to Israel is through the Mossad – which Galtung believes might have given Breivik his orders.

In the same breath, Galtung mentioned a conspiracy theory, linking last summer’s massacre in Norway with the attack on the King David Hotel, carried out by the Etzel in 1946 – both attacks took place on July 22. He finished with this astonishing claim: “It will be interesting to read the [Norwegian] police report on Israel, during the trial."

In an email exchange with Haaretz on Sunday, Galtung requested to clear up his claims. “When we know nothing about who is behind Breivik, including whether there is anybody at all, any hypothesis is legitimate; that is in the nature of research,” wrote Galtung.

I consider the Mossad highly unlikely, but it is illegitimate to eliminate it as a hypothesis with no evidence,” continued Galtung.

When asked what he meant concerning the police report on Israel, Galtung replied: “Exactly what I said. I’m assuming that they are open to any possibility, and not only investigating acts carried out by Breivik, but rather other conjectures as well.
In the correspondence with Haaretz, Galtung mentioned what he calls the “ambiguity of everything human.” To explain, he raised examples from the Middle Ages and the modern period. According to Galtung, “The terrible programs,” carried out upon the Jews, had another “problematic” side as well. “The Jews played a role in demanding payment from indebted peasants,” wrote Galtung.

According to Galtung, “terrible Auschwitz,” had two sides as well. “[It was] not unproblematic that Jews had key niches in a society humiliated by defeat at Versailles,” wrote Galtung, referencing Germany following World War I. Galtung continued, “In no way, absolutely no way, does this justify the atrocities. But it created anti-Semitism that could have been predicted.

Another claim, made by Galtung in a Norwegian periodical, is that Jews control the American media. “Six Jewish companies control 96% of the media,” wrote Galtung. He included the names of journalists, publishers, TV networks, and movie studios, that he claims are controlled by Jews. Media mogul Rupert Murdoch was also included on the list. “He’s not Jewish, but many of the people under him are,” wrote Galtung, in reference to Murdoch. “Many of them are fanatically pro-Israel,” he pointed out. Immediately following these claims, Galtung wrote that “seventy percent of the professors at the 20 most important American universities are Jewish.

Galtung bases his doctrine on an article written by William Luther Pierce, founder of the “National Alliance,” a white supremacist organization. The same article inspired Timothy McVeigh to carry out the Oklahoma City bombings that killed 168 people in 1995.

When asked by Haaretz to describe the effects of the “Jewish control” of the media, he answered that it could be a good thing, in terms of intellectual quality, but that it could also “limit the discourse about anything where Israel is involved."

As an example, he raised American media coverage of Iran. According to Galtung, “U.S. mainstream media only discusses Iran in terms of nuclear arms,” and does not discuss American involvement in internal Iranian affairs. Galtung wrote of “The trauma of 1953 – the CIA-MI6 strike against a legally elected prime minister.” Another example, according to Galtung, is “The Arab Spring, discussed only in terms of dictatorship-democracy, not also in terms of the role of U.S.-Israel behind those dictatorships."

Galtung also held an open forum discussion concerning the contents of the book “The Protocols of the Elders of Zion,” one of the most quoted anti-Semitic works around the world. “I wonder how many people with such strong opinions on the book have even read it,” he wrote. “It is impossible to do so today without thinking of Goldman Sachs,” he added. Goldman Sachs is an international investment Bank founded and run by Jews, attacked in the media from time to time as a “capitalist pig."

TheProtocols,” are a forgery, created by the Russian secret police during the days of the Czar, which supposedly illustrates the Jewish plot created at a secret conference called the “Elders of Zion” to take over the world. Galtung, however, has another opinion. “It is hard to believe that the Russian secret police was able to be so specific,” wrote Galtung. While corresponding with Haaretz, he was less decisive, writing “I don’t know exactly who wrote the protocols."

Gad Yair, a sociology professor at Hebrew University, was the first to expose Galtung’s anti-Semitic remarks in Israel. Yair wrote about Galtung in his blog. (http://coolcite.com).

Professor Galtung was a valued and deserving member of any public or academic discussion, until now. If a trustworthy peace-broker was ever needed anywhere in the world, that was Norwegian professor Johan Galtung. This background gives meaning to the astonishment of Norwegian academia in the face of his comments. It is the same as the astonishment created by the murderer Breivikin." Norwegian academia is wondering, added Yair, how "this merchant of peace was basing his ideas on neo-Nazi publications, and including them in interviews, lectures and articles? Does he also, like Breivik, cry peace with a Nazi salute?"

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 Hypocracy as ever

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The Fable of the Squirrel and the Jewish Peddler

It was a warm and sunny day. The forest floor was alive with squirrels busily gathering the acorns that rained down upon them from the overstretched arms of the ancient oaks who watched over them as the squirrels took as a small tribute some food for planting the children of the trees.

Pharaoh, the leader of the squirrels, shuffled through the leaves and pressed on the damp dirt to bury his treasure, when suddenly a warty hand fell on his shoulder. An old Jew named Joseph Gold-bug introduced himself: "Hello Pharaoh! I am a representative of my poor oppressed people, the Jews. I have come in search for food."

Pharaoh could not help but be a bit surprised, given that the forest was full of food. He was also frightened as he thought the old Jew wanted to eat him. Pharaoh then said; his voice trembling a bit, "Well, you are in luck! The forest is full of acorns." At that very moment a large acorn fell on Pharaoh's head. Pharaoh, thinking he was cleverer than the Jew, bit the shell in half and offered the Jew his nut. The Jew bit into it and spit, "Bluch! Sour! Yuch! How much do you want for all of them?" asked the old Jew who was already calculating the percentage of acorns needed to tan all the squirrel hides which he would eventually sell to the rats. “All of them?” a bit confused, pharaoh wondered. The old Jew quickly shoved his warty hand into a dirty sack he carried on his back, took out a clay pot and opened it; his pale, greenish face suddenly turning yellow as the sun, "You have us at a disadvantage, Mr. Pharaoh. We are poor, hungry Jews from Moscow in search for simple food. But the King has forbidden us to gather acorns to eat” the old Jew said and then continued, “I will trade you this gold coin for all the acorns in the forest. With it, you can buy new coats to keep you warm in the winter, I just happen to have some in my bag. . ." but before he could finish his sentence, Pharaoh interrupted him, "We need acorns for winter. Without them we will starve."

Joseph held back his grin and wrapped his arm around Pharaoh's shoulders and whispered gently into his ear so that the other squirrels could not hear, "Listen, I can see that you are a wise leader for your people. I'll make you a deal, since I am so desperate.” The old Jew paused for a few seconds, and then added cunningly, “I will trade you one coin for all the acorns and give it to you in front of the other squirrels, but I will give you the whole pot of coins in secret. So when winter comes, you trade them to the other animals for food. The birds will carry fresh berries to you to trade for your gold, and you will eat better than even the bears.” And with a fake amicable nudge on Pharaoh’s shoulder, the old Jew added with a sly grin on his face. “Your people will congratulate you on your wise dealings with the Jews, whom you have cheat you little squirrel. . . but I like you. So here is the gold, now bring me every nut in the forest and we will trade." Pharaoh looked at the gold. He loved to eat berries…acorns are, after all, sour and dry, he thought. "Alright, Jew. I will command my people to gather up every one of their nuts and bring them to you." Pharaoh said. The old Jew whined in pain and pulled from his crumbling sleeve a piece of stained parchment, and said, "Sign here!" The squirrel took a lead pencil from the old Jew, and signed away his future with a joyful smile, convinced that he had outwitted the old Jew. The old Jew then slipped him the pot of gold which they hid from the other squirrels. The squirrels all worked very hard and gathered up every last nut. As fate would have it, a gentle snow began to fall as the wise old squirrel exchanged ten full wagons of acorns for one small pot of gold. The old Jew shivered and blew on his warty hands, "Oh, such cold!" He then dropped the old sack off his back and took out a bunch of small, musty coats he had traded to the rats on promise of one small bucket of acorns. Joseph draped one of the coats over his arm and said, "Examine the material, such quality! It helped the rats survive the coldest winter! I will trade them to you for two thirds of the gold."

Pharaoh felt a cold wind burn his ears as he caught the offer of the old Jew. Being a wise negotiator, Pharaoh offered the Jew one third of the coins, but the Jew demanded that they meet in the middle and took one half. Pharaoh rushed to bury the rest so that he could save them and trade them for berries and silks.

The next day the squirrels gathered on the forest floor. The coats were infested with lice and ticks that carried typhus and Lyme disease. The squirrels were cold, hungry and sick. They offered the birds their gold coin, but the old Jew had already made a deal with the birds to not give the squirrels any food in exchange for all the warm nests the squirrels had built. The squirrels offered the bears their gold for a small bit of honey, but the Jews had already made a deal with the bears not to give the squirrels any honey in exchange for all the squirrel meat the bears could eat in one day.

The squirrels stood huddled together for warmth and began to cry. The old Jew hobbled along, but this time he had no bag on his shoulders as he had come to collect. "Hello, my good friends, squirrels! Good day to you!" he said. Pharaoh came forward, eager to claim his moment of glory. "Hello to you, old Jew! Good that you came. I have gold! Have you food and medicine?" The old Jew sneered and said, "What, in this age of universal sickness and starvation you would take from my people their very food and medicine? Thief! Murderer! What do you offer?" Pharaoh was a bit confused, but then thought the old Jew was merely acting so as to make it appear that Pharaoh was still wiser and cleverer than even an old Jew! Oh, he thought, these Jews were so good to him!

"Old Jew, I have something more precious to you than medicine or food. I have a pot. . . er uh, half a pot of gold!" cried out Pharaoh, triumphantly. The other squirrels gasped in amazement. But the old Jew just scoffed at the leader of the squirrels. "My people cannot eat gold! Gold will not cure them!" he cried out. "Aha, but with gold you can pay for doctors and trade for food!" said Pharaoh, certain he could convince the old Jew to trade back the acorns for the gold. The old Jew spit and snarled at the squirrels. "Doctors we have! Food we have, we traded a few acorns, so scarce in the market these days, to the deer for many wagons full of apples, oh how they cheated us, which apples the badgers made into preserves for us for a few acorns more, those thieving little bastards, uh badgers. Here, look here, the gold is already ours, we only lent it to you at interest, that interest being the acorns you gave us in consideration for holding the gold for us until winter so as to give you wretched little squirrels a higher status among the beasts of the forest, if only for a little while. Take a look at the contract you yourself signed of your own free will. Why you insisted that we Jews take your sour acorns in consideration for loaning you our precious gold."

Pharaoh was crushed. He fell on his knees and groveled before the old Jew. "Old Jew, you have been good to us before. For our sour nuts you gave us gold. I will not tell you where I have buried it unless you are good to us again and give us back half the acorns we gave you in exchange for what is left of the gold you gave us. Return us at least to half of what we were before you came. Half of us will die, but at least some of our children will live. Is that not fair?" Pharaoh pleaded. The old Jew cried out in pain, "Fair! You talk of fair! I will give you one jar of applesauce if you bring me the gold at once! I had to trade more than a sixteenth of one of my precious acorns for it." The old Jew took from his pocket a small, cracked jar of applesauce that was green and black with mold.

The squirrels called out to their leader, "Take it and let our children divide it!" Pharaoh ran to get the gold, so worthless it could only buy a spoonful of mold and rot. "Here, Jew, you have back your gold, now let us live." The old Jew snatched up the pot and opened it. His face glowed yellow, like Hell. He dropped the cracked jar of spoiled applesauce in the dirt, and Pharaoh dived down to lap it up. The applesauce was poisoned. He died even as he ate it. The other squirrels all died as well. The birds rented the nests, which the squirrels had built, from the Jews and lived in the trees the Jews' owned. The bears ate the diseased corpses of the squirrels and traded their caves to the Jews for medicine and the promise of deer meat. The old Jew went to greet the leader of the deer, who was certain he could outsmart the old Jew.

The End

BB: Monthly quotes from the "Talmud", and you're the judge.

BB: Monthly quotes from the "Talmud", and you're the judge.


CLAIM 01: "A pregnant non-Jew is no better than a pregnant animal." Coschen hamischpat 405. RESPONSE: The above quote is a wrong inference from a fiscal law in Shulchan Oruch, Choshen Mishpat 405.3, that relates to times when slavery was a standard and accepted practice across the world.

Response is BS. Even during the time mentioned above, the quote of Talmud, which is supposedly a holy book, should not be as it is.CLAIM

"It is permitted to take the body and the life of a Gentile." Sepher ikkarim III c 25. RESPONSE: This is a misquotation. Rabbi Yosef Albo (the author) was asked by a Christian thinker about seeming injustice of the laws of Judaism dealing with charging interest on a loan. (According to Deuteronomy 23:20 and 23:21, a Jew is not allowed to lend with interest to another Jew, but may do so to a Gentile). R. Albo answers: The "Gentile" or "heathen" in the above passage refers to idolater, who refuses to keep seven Noahide laws. The laws are universal for all mankind: 1) prohibition of idolatry, 2) prohibition of blasphemy, 3) prohibition of murder, 4) prohibition of immorality and promiscuity, 5) prohibition of theft, 6) establishment of judicial system, 7) prohibition of cruelty to animals. Such a person, who does not respect other's rights, places himself apart from human community and therefore can expect to be treated according to his own rules. He is a threat to everyone around and hence if somebody kills him, that person is not charged. On the contrary, even according to non-Jewish philosophers in those days (14th and 15th century, Spain), as R Albo brings, such a person should be killed. So it is regarding money matters: the prohibition of taking interest, that applies to everybody, including a non-Jew who keeps the Noahide laws (as R. Albo mentions a few sentences earlier), do not apply to him.

What a crackpot full of steaming shit. First, an idolater is not obliged to follow the Nohide laws. Second, even if he is, but violates them all or part thereof, he does not deserve to be killed by someone. Third, one can not just kill someone who has a different belief. Anybody is free to believe in whatever he wants as far as no harm is done to those living around him when the belief is carried out into action.

"It is the law to kill anyone who denies the Torah. The Christians belong to the denying ones of the Torah." Coschen hamischpat 425 Hagah 425. RESPONSE: This is from the Shulcan Aruch and applies to killing Jewish heretics. The following line in this passage is that this law does not apply to anyone non-Jewish and it is forbidden to harm any gentile. The Jewish heretics are people which are a potential cause of harm and trouble to the Jewish nation. The penalty is designed to demonstrate the severity with which heretical views were considered, rather than a practical penalty as such penalties were rarely imposed. E.S./David S. Maddison.

The quote says, “anyone who denies the Torah”, then immediately followed by, “The Christians belong to the denying ones of the Torah.” I cannot find any reference to Jewish heretics, or “it is forbidden to harm any gentile”. Response is nothing but hogwash.

BB: Monthly news of rabbis sexual perversion & other crimes (Click on Picture)

Cases of shame

What is a rabbi?

The word "Rabbi" refers to one of the ancient scribes - supposedly a holy man - who participated in writing the "Talmud". In Arabic, which is a Semitic language and a cousin to Hebrew, the word is"Rabbanie", or "Rabbie", which means a godly man. My question is, are they really godly? I strongly doubt that. Below are some of their news.

Israel's new Ashkenazi chief rabbi case: JERUSALEM: Israel's new Ashkenazi chief rabbi is facing growing calls to step down amid allegations of misconduct. The allegations center on sexual harassment charges against Yona Metzger, as well as charges that he engaged in fraud and is not qualified for the post. Aides to Metzger have rejected the allegations as a smear campaign fueled by political rivals.

Metzger and his Sephardi counterpart, Rabbi Shlomo Amar, were elected as Israel's chief rabbis April 14 by a 150-member public committee. Since then, however, opposition to Metzger has grown. In the latest development, a Tel Aviv accountant filed a petition Monday in the High Court of Justice challenging Metzger's appointment. It will be heard by a three-judge panel.

The petition claims that allegations of fraud and other improprieties involving Metzger were not fully investigated because of his 1998 pledge not to stand for chief rabbi of Tel Aviv. Metzger's spokesman, Roni Rimon, told the Israeli daily Ma'ariv that the petition was full of "lies, lies and more lies" produced by "professional slanderers.". Metzger had been accused of forging witnesses' signatures on marriage contracts and unlawfully demanding payment for performing weddings, the daily Ha'aretz reported. As a result of the allegations, Metzger's permit to serve as a chief rabbi of a major city was revoked. However, it was reinstated several months later after a hearing before three senior Israeli rabbis -- including Eliyahu Bakshi - Doron, a former Sephardi chief rabbi -- who accepted Metzger's explanations and his commitment to leave the Tel Aviv race, the paper said. The petition also argues that the Metzger, 50, who previously was rabbi of north Tel Aviv, was not qualified to fill the chief rabbi's duties as head of the country's rabbinic court system because he never had been a religious judge or rabbi of a major city. The petition maintained that the elections committee for the chief rabbi was not adequately informed of the misconduct allegations against Metzger. In related development, Ma'ariv recently published what it said were sexual harassment allegations involving Metzger. Three weeks before Metzger's election as chief rabbi, the paper reported, it learned of complaints from four adult men who claimedMetzger had touched their arms, legs and chests and expressed admiration for their muscular physiques.

Park Avenue rabbi Case: A prominent Park Avenue rabbi had a mistress nearly half his age sign a bizarre cohabitation contract - promising she’d get liposuction, become better educated and continue their already hot-and-heavy sexual relationship in exchange for half his house, the woman claims in a bombshell lawsuit. Janet Pizzo says she had a seven-year affair with the married Metropolitan Synagogue Rabbi Joel Goor - which included recurring steamy sex in his rabbinical office while he lied to his wife about his whereabouts. But their courtship crumbled when she suspected him of having another girlfriend, and he’s since become vindictive. She even caught him on audio tape threatening to prance around their Bronxhome naked in front of her 17-year-old daughter. “You’ve got to move,” Goor says, according to an audio tape reviewed by The Post. “This is my house . . . I’m allowed to walk around nude in my house. So you better tell [her daughter] Mary,” Goor told Pizzo.“I’m allowed to walk round this house . . . and I’m going to.”. Goor’s lawyer declined to comment on the allegations. “I truly loved this guy, I really did,” said a weepy Pizzo, 48, complaining how the 73-year-old Man of God locked her out of their bedroom, removed the cushions from her couch and vowed to unplug the refrigerator. http://www.canonist.com/?p=1245

More corruption: human organ trafficking and money laundering case.

Remember the group of Zionist Jews in New Jersey, USA, who were involved in human organ trafficking, the Zionists were heavily into human organ trafficking. Nonetheless, the controlled media stooges quickly suppressed the information, and today we hear very little of it. See them below being arrested by the FBI. Please, click on picture.

BB: The Greater Israel and their own words out of the horse's mouth

BB: The Greater Israel and their own words out of the horse's mouth

Their own words...

The meaning of the history of the last century is that today 300 Jewish financiers, all Masters of (Masonic) Lodges, rule the world.

Jean Izoulet, prominent member of Jewish Alliance Israelite Universelle, 1931

Only three hundred men, who all know each other, govern the fate of Europe. They elect their successors from their entourage. These German Jews have the means in their hands of putting an end to the form of Government of any State which proves unreasonable.

Walter Rathenau, Plain English, late Dictator of Germany, a Jew, 1921

The Jewish people as a whole will become its own Messiah. It will attain world domination by the dissolution of other races, by the abolition of frontiers, the annihilation of monarchy and by the establishment of a world republic in which the Jews will everywhere exercise the privilege of citizenship. In this New World Order, the children of Israel will furnish all the leaders without encountering opposition. The Governments of the different peoples forming the world republic will fall without difficulty into the hands of the Jews. It will then be possible for the Jewish rulers to abolish private property and everywhere to make use of the resources of the state. Thus will the promise of the Talmud be fulfilled, in which it is said that when the Messianic time is come, the Jews will have all the property of the whole world in their hands.

Baruch Levy, Letter to Karl Marx, printed in La Revue de Paris, p. 574, June 1, 1928

The House of Rothschild was (and is) the ruling power in Europe, for all the political powers were willing to acknowledge the sway of the great financial DESPOT, and like obedient vassals, pay their tribute without murmur.

J. Reeves, The Rothschilds, p. 105

We intend to turn Europe into a mixed race of Asians and Negros ruled over by the Jews.

Count Kalergi-Coudenhove, 1925

International Finance is controlled by great Jewish money lenders and Communism is being propagated by Jewish agitators who are at one fundamentally with the powerful capitalists of their race in desiring an international world order, which would, of course, give universal sovereignty to the only international race in existence (the Jews).

William Joyce, 1937

We French believe that we know all about the forces of our planet. But we know nothing about the most terrific of them. These are in the hands of 7 men, whose names our masses could not even rightly spell. These men, more powerful than Ceasar or even Napoleon, rule the fate of the Globe. These men rule the Chiefs of States, control and subdue the governing personages, manipulate the exchanges and incite or suppress revolutions.

Stephane Lausanne, Editor of “Matin”, Paris, 1923

I had on my arrival (at St. Petersburg) an interview with the Russian Minister of Finance, Count Canerin; I beheld the son of a Lithuanian Jew…. I had an audience on my arrival at Madrid with the Spanish minister; I beheld one like myself, the son of a Nuovo Christiano, a Jew of Aragon. In consequence of that transpired at Madrid I went straight to consult the President of the French Council; I beheld the son of a French Jew…. We fixed on Prussia…. Count Arnim entered the cabinet, and I beheld a Prussian Jew. So you see, my dear Coningsby, that the world is governed by very different personages to what is imagined by those who are not behind the scenes.

Benjamin Disraeli, Jewish Prime Minister of England, in Coningsby, p. 207-209, 1844

When these young Jews were “instructed”, they were promoted through numerous channels, in order to further the Jewish Satanic idea of World Domination- through the destruction of all true Christians and the enslavement of other Gentiles. Scores of Miliukoffs, Kerensky’s Trotzky’s of the 18th century were hired. Therefore, the Jewish government or the Hidden Hand invaded through it’s agents all the secret societies, like the Free Masons and even the Jesuits, as revealed by Disraeli himself.

Maj.-Gen. Count Cherep-Spiridovitch, The Secret World Government or "The Hidden Hand," 1926

Bismarck, Beaconsfield, the French Republic, Bambetta, etc., all this as a force are nothing, a mere mirage. It is the Jew alone with his Bank, who is their master and who rules all Europe (is it only Europe?). The Jew will suddenly profer: VETO and Bismarck will fall as grass cut by a scythe. The Jew with his Bank is master of Education, of Civilization, of Socialism, above all, by means of which the jew is going to TEAR UP Christianity by its roots and destroy it’s civilization. And when nothing but Anarchy remains, the Jew will put himself at the head of ALL. For, while propagating Socialism among all the Nations, the Jews will remain united among themselves; and when the wealth of Europe is dissipated, the Jew’s Bank will remain.

Foyodor Dostoievsky, 1880

BB: Current Events

BB: Current Events

BB: Humor

BB: Humor

Jokes inspired by the Egyptian revolution

Geometric Shapes

Failing to triangulate his position amongst his people, Mubarak kept them going in circles for three decades. He also hated cubes and (liberation) squares.


"Do you know", one Egyptian asked another Egyptian, "what linguistic expression, Mubarak now loathes most?". The other Egyptian wondered, "What is it?" The first Egyptian answered, "Fair and Square


The word "Island" or "Penisula" in Arabic is "Jazeera", Hence Sainai Jazeera/peninsula, Arabian Jazeera/peninsula and AlJazeera network. So the joke which I invented goes as follows...

"Have you heard the latest news about Mubarak after he has resigned?", said one Egyptian to the other. "No. I haven't", said the other Egyptian, and then added, "What it is?"

"He's put his Sharm Esheekh rest-house in Sinai up for sale", said the first Egyptian. "Why?!", wondered the second Egyptian. "Because he's AlJazeeraphobic"


Since FaceBook was a vital communication tool in the hands of the rebelling young Egyptian, This joke goes as follows...

In heavens, Mubarak met his predecessors, Nasser and Sadat. Both of them asked him, "What is it this time Hosni?". Perplexed, Mubarak looked at them with misery depicted on his face, lips shivering and voice chocked, and said, "What?!". Nasser then asked him, "Was it poison that brought you here?". Mubarak shook his head and said, "No!". Sadat then asked him, "Were you assasinated?". Shaking his head again, Mubarak said, "No!". Impatiently, both Nasser and Sadat then yelled at him, "What was it then?". Sobbing, Mubarak said, "It was FaceBook", and after a very short pause, he added, "And maybe YouTube, too."

BB: Miscellaneous

BB: Miscellaneous



ADAM YAHIYE GADAHN: A Jew who pretended to have converted to Islam assumed different aliases.

ADAM YAHIYE GADAHN: A Jew who pretended to have converted to Islam assumed different aliases.

They Pretended to have converted to Islam, and started talking violently to smear Islam Muslims.

They Pretended to have converted to Islam, and started talking violently to smear Islam Muslims.

They call themselves Jews though their ancestors never set foot in Palestine.

They call themselves Jews though their ancestors never set foot in Palestine.

A witness from amidst them. Please click on image!

The Real American History

I'm NOT Antisemitic (I am Semite) or a Hate Monger, but I am FED UP.

Am I anti-Semite? No, I am not. I love everybody. We are all valuable human beings. Nonetheless, amidst us live the good ones and the evil ones.

I am just fed up with Zionism and Jews who talk its syllables, the crimes Zionists and Jews are committing and their attitude towards the rest of humanity.

In their minds, people are Goyim and Jews, where the later are superior to the former; divine and untouchable. And in order to install this belief in the former's mind, the end for them justifies the means, be the means intimidation, shedding blood, lying, propagation of false ideas in the guise of buzzing, but deceiving words or whatever can get the job done.

Jews are not sheep gone stray. Their deliberate intentions say otherwise. Their bloody actions, propagated and supported by a gang of wolf-like Rabbis inspired by a man-made book called TALMUD, have swelled enormously that tolerance cannot befit such actions anymore: The blood of the Palestinians killed in Gaza during operation "Cast Lead" is still wet, Gaza blockade is still on. The attack on the "Freedom Aid Flotilla" has occurred just shortly, "Deir Yassin massacre" is still remembered, "Sabra and Shatila massacre" can never be forgotten, the sinking of the American "Liberty" ship has not yet buried in the nooks and crannies of forgetfulness, rabbis trading in human organs and money laundering is not forgotten news, Palestinian human organs in Israel is not just news, and their involvement in 9/11 tops it all.

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